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Bin Ali Medical Supplies LLC

A Mission to Aid World-Class Healthcare!

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Welcome to Bin Ali MEdical Supplies LLC


Being the leading supplier of healthcare products in the region, Bin Ali Medical Supplies LLC deals with an extensive range of high-value products for the benefit of our loyal customer base. Surgical Products, Nursing Consumables, Anesthesia and Respiratory Products, Incontinence & Urology Products, Sterilization Products CSSD Products), Infection Control Products, Orthopedic Products, Emergency & First Aid Products, Laboratory Consumables, Wound Care Products, Radiology Products, Dental Consumables, IV Solutions, Linen, Uniforms & Shoes, Medical Furniture, Medical Equipments, Surgical & Dental Instruments – so goes the list.

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Critical Success Factors (CSF)


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Our Products

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CEO's message

Dear Visitor ,

Bin Ali Medical Supplies LLC is a reputed Medical Supplies Comapny based in United Arab Emirates built on a distinct vision . It is driven by a set of great values, which is amply reflected in every aspect of our business. Since its inception in the early 2000, BAMS has grown to be a leading supplier of a wide range of excellent products. Its powerful presence in the market is supported by a loyal customer base. Our commitment to care and excellence is reflected in our core values and beliefs. They give us the impetus to strive for excellence. They are the driving force behind everything we do. We continuously endeavor to provide better products and service. We envisage BAMS as an enduring world-class company engaged in manufacturing and distribution of superb quality Medical Supplies Dubai and healthcare products that will be affordable to everyone who seeks a quality-value balance. We will continually endeavor to be a socially responsible company.
Thank you for your interest in Bin Ali Medical Supplies Dubai. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.


Bin Ali Medical Supplies LLC
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Approval Number : GM77857

Date: 25/10/2015 to 22/04/2016